My Camp Blog Experience

So far, my camp blog experience is the best! Working is really tiresome, but here in camp blog, working is so much enjoyable! Everyday, I always look forward to the activities that we will tackle about. If it isn’t for camp blog, I would never have met such great people. The resource persons are all great. Our team leaders, house mates, new friends, are all nice, even the foods are awesome. Our villas are great, and so is the scenery out there. The climate is really good, and I can’t say anything but, perfect!

If you ask me what part in camp blog is the best, I’d say that it is the lecturing. The lectures gave us knowledge about writing online and other stuff. You cannot acquire these knowledge by simply reading books, since the knowledge that they’ve shared are based from their personal experiences. The part I like the least is the access of internet connection since we don’t have internet connection in the villa. Although I know that there is a good reason for this, it disappoints me a little. Well, the internet connection didn’t become a hindrance for me to enjoy my stay in camp blog, so it’s fine anyway.

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…bLiNk! bLink!…

Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, and the most useful one. Everyday, we use our sense of sight for writing, reading, and everything else, but have you ever wondered how our eyes can see? Well, others probably have not, but I believe that most of the people have thought about that already. Today, I’m going to tackle about how our eyes, see. Read the rest of this entry »

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“My Unforgettable Experience in Camp Blog”

My most unforgettable experience in camp blog is riding the golf cart. It was really fun and exciting. I gathered all my courage just to ask the driver to teach me how to run a golf cart. I was really happy when he agreed to it. He let me sit in the driver’s seat and then he gave instructions on how to operate it. It really scared me when I stepped on the “go” sign because the cart immediately moved forward. The driver told me to step on it gently so that the cart will move slowly. Next, he taught me how to make a turn. It was really difficult because you have to turn the steering wheel really hard for the cart to make a turn. It was like a bump car! When I successfully made a turn, the driver taught me how to stop or use the break. I stepped on the “stop” sign and the cart stopped immediately. I was laughing really hard after I stepped out of the cart. That experience really made me feel like a child who just received her first toy.

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  • Why did I choose this topic?

I chose this topic since I am really interested in the human eye. I want to know how the human eye works, and what are the functions of each part of it. My interest in this topic began when I was still in grade school. I had a blind classmate who inspired me a lot. She was blind since birth, but still, she managed to live in a normal world. That’s when I started to think how useful our eyes are. After grade school, I entered high school, and I slowly forgot about my eagerness to study our eyes. When I started my 4th year in high school, I observed that many of my classmates are having eye deficiencies. Some are nearsighted, farsighted, and colorblind. When I realized it, my eagerness to study about our eyes came back instantly.

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